The BBQ chicken pasta by the sea

3 days after my freshers in college, a friend of mine took me to this little cozy place upstairs by the side of the Besant Nagar beach, which she called as one of her favorites in Chennai, MASH. The Lit ambiance with the beautiful view of the Bay of Bengal(pretty good spot for a date), I get why she loved it there.

But what really made me go back there again and again, wasn’t just the ambiance or the sea view, but their delicious Bbq Chicken Pasta.It was so delicious that two weeks later,i decided to go to MASH again with another friend just so that I could taste it again 😀

As my dad would say, It was definitely ‘Al-Dente‘.And their use of vegetable along with the tasty combination of Chicken in Bbq sauce ( as always), really took it to another level.

I am pretty sure most people would have tried the Bbq chicken pasta from different places, But make sure you give this one a try when you are in Chennai. 

Happy Fooding 🙂





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