The Tresleches cake ( The 3 Milk cake ?)

Ever heard of this one? The Tres Leches cake a.k.a The Three Milk Cake .It is a light, airy sponge cake soaked with a mixture of three ‘milks’: evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and heavy cream. (Now that is a lot of milk!) Hence from where the name ‘Tres’ (meaning three) ‘Leches'(meaning milk) came from. It is said to  be a delight for all milk lovers! But it is quite popular among all other categories too 

It was during the first year university preparation period when my uncle decided to take me out for dinner one Saturday night. So we decided to check out this restaurant Marina‘ in Nungambakkam. And Let me tell you, if you really love seafood, this is the best place in Chennai city.Maybe a bit costly, but I would never say overpriced because it was worth every penny. 

And that’s when we decided to try something different for dessert and ordered the ‘Tres leches cake’. it wasn’t that big a piece of cake, but it was so soft and soggy and yet so sweet and tasty. It felt like eating a soggy milk cake but with a mixture of many other elements too(even chocolate). Really Sweet and Yummy!

This is one Mexican dessert no one should miss. At least give it a try someday!

Happy Fooding  🙂



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