The Ice cream ‘trip’ – Oh So Stoned!

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It was on the way to Besant Nagar beach that I saw this place on the roadside. ” Oh so Stoned“. So my friend Sneha and I decided to ditch the beach plan and try this new place out. One of the best decisions we ever made.

I decided to try the “Charlie and the chocolate factory“(it was one of their specials) and she decided to go for the “Nutella fingers

Charlie and the chocolate factory is a beautiful infusion of chocolate ice cream and a hot brownie with loads of choco chips and wafers. The mixture was just beautiful, the cold ice cream and the hot brownie with a punch taste of chocolate really left me speechless for a while. The only downer I felt was that after the brownie became cold, the mix started getting a wee bit boring. But yummy nevertheless


She had the Nutella fingers. It was basically a sweet biscuit/brownie with loads of Nutella, a bit of chocolate ice cream and vanilla cream on top. And when I say loads of Nutella, I mean it. One bite of it, and I just felt as if everything around me just slowed down, went stationary and all I could think about was how epic it tasted.(It was basically the Nutella, which was just amazing). I even ended up stealing her dessert and hogged as much Nutella as I could, before she took it away from me.

I suggest that every Food lover try this place out.Because for 200 bucks, the food was definitely worth it. 

Happy Fooding 🙂



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