Who doesn’t like Rolled over ice cream ? – Roll-Over

The Reign of the Rolled over ice creams is in. And people are loving it! 

It was a hot summer Sunday afternoon.After a Tasty North Indian lunch from “The Feast”, Niharika and I started our search for an ice cream shop nearby. And that’s when we came across “Roll-Over(Anna Nagar Branch)”. Neither she nor I had ever tried a rolled over ice cream before. So we decided to give it a taste!

We went for the Choco Lava explosion ( who comes up with these names 😀 ). It consists of rolled vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and nuts, chocolate cake pieces and crumbs mixed with chocolate sauce and another little glass filled with more chocolate sauce( Doing justice to its name! ) The presentation was really good. The Rolled up ice cream kinda did taste similar to the normal ice cream with nuts on it, but mixing it all together, it really brings out the “explosion” within.

Rolled up ice cream is actually a pretty neat concept. It not only allows the chef to put in little treats into the ice cream but also lets him present it in a really cool manner. If you haven’t had one yet, Make sure you definitely give it a try soon.

P.S: Make sure you watch them make it,It’s a delight 😀 

Happy Fooding 🙂



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