Authentic Naga food in the heart of the city – Naga Reju Part 1

Momos have always been one of my favorite Asian foods. Be it Fried,Steamed, with or without Sauce, I have always enjoyed a good plate of Momos 🙂

For those who aren’t sure what it is, A Momo is actually like a South Asian Dumpling with virtually any combinations of ground meat, vegetables, tofu, paneer cheese,and even vegetable and meat combinations(Native to Tibet).

It was in my first year,that a friend of mine took me to Naga Reju.(This was apparently her 2nd favourite place for Momos in Chennai). Naga Reju is a small resto near Loyola College in Nungampakkam,Chennai which serves some amazing Naga/Asian food.I really enjoyed the ambience there because it had some nice dim lighting and the crowd wasn’t too loud either(and the menu was really pocket friendly too.) So upon her recommendation we decided to order a plate of Fried Momos.. And my oh my, they really were good. It had the right amount of filling and the outer crust was the right crisp and tasty. So good, that we ended up ordering 3 more plates ( The steamed chicken Momos, the Fried chicken Momos, and the Schezwan Friend Chicken Momos ) and shared em between us.

I wouldn’t say these are the best Momo’s I have ever had, but trust me, they are damn good. Definitely worth the shot.


-Happy Fooding 🙂

– Tff


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