Authentic Naga food in the heart of the city -Naga Reju part 2

Naga reju has always been one of my favorite places in the city to get some good Momos, especially their Schezwan chicken Fried Momo’s ( ref part 1) which is a delight there.

But recently I went down to Naga Reju with Niharika and decided to try some of their noodles(upon recommendation). She ordered a chicken soup chow and I decided to go with the Beef noodles(Chow). The chicken soup chow was just too watery and it just left us hanging on whether to eat it like noodles(because it was just too watery) or drink it like soup. So that kinda left us a bit unimpressed. But that changed when the beef chow arrived. AND MY, That was one of the best beef noodles I have ever had. It was the right spice, right texture for the noodles and literally had a lot of beef pieces in it. Even Niharika, who had never had beef in her life, tasted it and enjoyed the chow.

Now that’s another one going on my “Naga reju specials”

I wouldn’t promise on everyone enjoying it, because I had a lot of friends and seniors telling me that they have had better beef noodles and that they didn’t like how the beef was cooked so I wouldn’t give out a major recommendation for this one, but for those who love to try, go for it ✌️

-Happy Fooding πŸ™‚



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