Dine out at Amelie’s – Part 1

Amelies’ was definitely one of the “by chance” Restaurants I ended up trying.

After many changes of plans and many confusions on where to go eat, Ayush and I decided on Amelies’,near Mylapore in Chennai

The ambience over there is really nice. Wooden floors, lots of frames and doodles on the walls and they had a nice seating arrangement, kinda gave it a retro feel.

And the best part, when you enter, there’s a dessert counter on the left which has all these cakes, pastries, ice creams, and different other varieties of desserts.(Literally made me get buzzed for a minute).

We started off with a Chicken Bao, which is Minced thai chicken, spiced onions and peanuts. It was the first time I was trying a bao, I wouldn’t say it was really good, but it was something different.

The chicken bao

After that, we decided to go for the main course. We decided to share a grilled chicken with sorted vegetables and mash potato. And along with that we ordered a Mexican hot chocolate for myself and mint green apple Mojito for ayush. The main course was too small that it just wasn’t enough for either of us.We were still hungry But the drinks, especially the Mexican hot chocolate was πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜!

Because we were still hungry, we decided to order something more. We asked the waiter for an opinion and he told us to try the Chicke Bbq flat bread. The flat bread was actually filling. It was like a thin crust minor pizza with a hint of Desi in it (This is just my opinion, Ayush did not feel the Desi part πŸ˜‚).I am pretty sure not everyone would enjoy it, but it’s definitely worth giving a try.

Now it was time for dessert :D. But because both us came on a restricted cash plan, we didn’t have much to spend on Dessert( which we still regret). We decided to order one Chocolate Truffle and share. It was pretty good. It was a basic chocolate cake with a chocolate layer on top and definitely more “chocolatey” !

I guess the biggest mistake both us made was trying too many main courses and missing out on the Desserts. So hopefully we”ll make another visit just to try out their desserts( I have been suggested to try out their Tiramisu and their chocolate indulgence,so definitely next time!)

I lost charge on my phone by the time I got to Amelie’s, so had to make ayush take all the food pictures this time πŸ˜€


Happy fooding guys πŸ™‚

– Tff

The chicken BBQ Flat bread

The Chocolate Truffle

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