Eurofoodie series – Belgian Waffles

What’s a Belgium trip without trying their authentic handmade chocolates and trying out their famous waffles. So upon recommendation from Devi, I decided to try out this waffle place near the ‘piqmanneqin’ (which is the small statue of a child peeing into a fountain, which has quite a funny history to it) during our tour stop in Brussels called ________. It’s basically a ‘make it yourself’ waffle store.(The entire city is filled with them). You start by selecting the kind of waffle you want as base(normal,Belgian or wafflecone) and then you start filling them with toppings which range from Nutella, whipped cream, sauces, different types of ice creams to nuts, fruits,crumbs etc.So my mom, dad and I decided to get 2. For the first one, we decided to go with the Belgian waffle topped with Nutella, strawberries and mokka(coffee) ice cream. And the second one was a normal waffle with strawberries and kiwi with chocolate sauce. The waffles were really good. Probably one of the best I have ever had. Especially the 1st one. Not just because it had Nutella, but the waffle got soggy from the ice cream and that just made it taste better along with the strawberries and Nutella.

The 2nd one was maybe a bit too fruity for me, and the waffle crust was harder, but I still did enjoy it (My parents seemed to enjoy it better though).
It’s not everyday that you get to enjoy Belgium Waffles right from the busy streets of Brussels. It definitely was one hell of an experience !!

Foodie achievement unlocked 🙂

Keep following the Eurofoodie series for more 🙂

Happy Fooding guys 😀



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