The Thattu Idli kada.

Tamil Nadu has always been famous for its Dosas and idlis. Be it an early morning Onion Uttapam for breakfast or a Masala dosa for dinner, they make sure that they always serve it hot and tasty. But how about trying out the same from a Banglore based shop? And that’s how we found out the “Vaishnavaa’s Banglore special Thattu Idli and chat shop“.

So one Thursday night, myself along with Ayush, Jithin,Chaitanya, Sajan and Akshai decided to skip our Hostel dinner and try out this place!

Location and Ambinece :
It is located in Kilpauk, Chennai. Right opposite to the the new Fussili reasons and Maggivala outlet. It’s beside the main road, with other outlets such as their own Multicusine restaurant and another chat shop. The place is a small shop with a small delivery outlet next to the main shop. We had gone around 8-8:30, and the entire place was filled with people. There were people ordering inside with the line extending almost outside. And many people eating inside and outside the shop(standing, on top of bikes etc).

The Food :
This shop actually offers quite a good variety of cuisines, ranging from sandwiches,different types of dosas to chinese dishes. But the main attraction was definitely the Thattu Idli. So for the 6 of us, we decided to order 3 thattu idlis, one cheese dosa, one choco dosa, one ghee dosa, one butter dosa and a chilly kothuparotta. All the dosas were good, especially the paneer and the cheese dosas.The Choco dosa was more like a dessert, which was basically crispy dosa with Nutella filled within and rolled. The Thattu Idli was quite tasty too. They only give a single idli, but it was quite big served with podi,sambhar and chutney. (Maybe because I was a bigger fan of dosas, I enjoyed the ghee dosa better). And last ,came the chilly kothuparotta. And that was probably the best one of them all. It wasn’t too spicy, but at the same time had a good flavour and I felt the quantity was pretty good too.
Wanted to try some of their special sandwiches too, but all 6 of us were too full to order more.

So overall, really loved the food. And apart from their famous Thattu Idli, the dosas and their kothuparotta is also something not to miss.

The place is also quite pocket friendly, with a good value for money.

Vaishnavaa’s Thattu idli is definitely worth the 3.9/5 (The only drawback I felt was the waiting time, which took around 15-20 mins to get half the orders)

Definitely gonna make this place our “broke” but need good food, hangout regular 😉

-Happy Fooding 😀

– Tff


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