The “Dine out” at Chili’s!

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Okay so before I start off with this one, I have to say I actually never imagined going to Chili’s to dine, becauee I always thought of Chili’s as one of those overrated, high priced restaurants (Maybe I wasnt too off point either). But I am actually quite happy that I gave the place a try 😀 And also would like to give a special thank you to zomato gold and The dine out app for helping us keep it economical!

Location and Ambience :

Chilli’s American grill and bar is situated in the Express avenue mall in royapettah,chennai.Its situated next to the food court. The place isnt that big, but does have a seating for a minumun 40-60 people. The entire place had a very reddish – yellow hue ! The service was pretty good too. They were patient with the orders and fast with the service, so couldn’t complain much.

The Food :

Okay, so before going to the food, after rushing through the menu, I really felt that the place was a bit too overpriced, had a good variety of dishes, but overpriced for sure. We started off with our main course. There were 8 of us at the table, so after careful discussions, we decided to order 3 ultimate bacon burger (one buffalo and 2 chicken), a yellow card burger, montery chicken, Ranchero chicken tacos, tortilla crusted chicken and a Margereta grilled chicken. The ultimate bacon burgers were really good, especially the buffalo meat one. They were served with lots of bacon and fries, and a bonus, unlimited coke(diluted and too sweet though). The yellow card was basically a chicken burger and tasted quite ordinary. Nothing too special. Tacos were good too, was quite filling as they served 3 tacos in a plate. It was pretty thin but was filled with meat and veggies. Starting off was fun, but by the 3rd one, you start getting a bit bored of it. The tortilla crusted chicken was actually the best of the lot, served with black beans and rice combo, it was yummy, crispy and I felt was really worth the money! On the other hand both the montery chicken and the grilled chicken were very bland. The chicken was fine,similar to a less rare steak,but both the mash potato and the rice combo did not taste great, and the combination was quite off too.

So overall was pretty much full and happy with the food,but we couldn’t just leave the place without trying the famous Chili’s desserts!
So for dessert we decided to go for a molten chocolate cake, a mango cake and a chocolate chip paradise pie.
All the 3 desserts were really good. My personal favorite being the molten chocolate cake, which was a mountain chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream over it.

Overall, even though the food was tasty, I didn’t feel that the quantity and prices synced at all, and my opinion still remains overpriced, tasty but overpriced. And a special mention to the service there for being polite and very customer frinedly(althought I have heard complaints from some others about their service).
This fooding session deserves a 4/5 thefoodfella rating!

-Happy fooding guys 😀 



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