“73% delicious,27% also delicious”: Flint’s Pizza

Have a look at this review of Flint’s Pizza, Thuraipakkam, Chennai on @Zomato — http://zoma.to/review/38111896

Always been a sucker for good thin crust pizzas, and yet again found another place(This time in Chennai) which not only serves tasty thin crust,but also ‘wood fired oven’ made pizzas! So I decided to try out this place with a bunch of my foodie friends one rainy Thursday evening!


Location and Ambience :

Flint’s pizza is located on the side of the OMR main road, a few kms past the Thuraipakkam main signal.Its on the first floor(Above an Adidas showroom)and is quite spacious. The walls filled with ‘Pizza love’ quotes and graffiti and the roof and sidewalls attached with colourful and ambient lighting. *Lit*.

The place wasn’t too crowded,but it did have a few families scattered around the place.The service was cheerful and well timed.

The Food :

Because we 4 were a mix of vegetarians and non-vegetarians.We tried a large variety of dishes!

Some of my favourites being the Hot n spicy chicken Wings,(which was the best among all the dishes), the Chicken Penne Arrabiata, The Flint special pizza(Veg), the chefs special pizza(which was my FAVORITE choice of pizza, being a mix of chicken roasted, tikka, sausage and boiled ,all in one!). Even the crunchy cheese balls and the chicken calzone were good.

The hot n spicy chicken wings were on point,and probably the best dish there!
Chicken penne arabiata! we had it a little cold,but still managed to get the white sauce flavour along with the chunks of chicken
Crunchy cheese balls ! CHEESE CHEESE AND MORE CHEESE!
Flints special pizza,for all the vegetarians!
The chefs special! A mix of different varieties of chicken and loads of cheeeese!

The management was also kind enough to give us a little demonstration of the working and making of WOOD FIRED OVEN PIZZAS! Check out the slideshow below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now moving on to the drinks,

The brownie blast mini monster shake was really good!(Both taste and looks). Among the shakes, the blueberry and the Flint’s magic splash(which was a fruity mix) were very tasty.The Kitkat shake wasn’t all that bad,but didn’t really bring out anything special apart from the kitkat on top!

The kitkat shake and the Flint’s magic splash
The Blueberry shake. Dont get thrown out by its appearance,it was the best of the lot.
The monster of them all!!!!

The only disappointment I felt were the refreshers which were very dilute and felt like drinking a normal flavoured carbonated water.


and even though the prices seem a bit higher than normal,compared to other thin crust pizzas,I felt the prices weren’t too out of proportion!

Overall the fooding experience was great.
Great food,great ambience and great service !

The Flint’s pizza deserves a 4.1/5

– Happy fooding 😀

– Tff


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