“Vaayil kappalodum” :The Paaykapal review.

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Finally got a chance to try out the new authentic Kerala cuisine restaurant,The Paaykapal. Launched by entrepreneurs Abraham and Lakshmy, the restaurant offers a wide variety of tasty Kerala dishes from Vegetable stew to Kaada fry(quail) and offers both vegetarians and Non-vegetarians many options to choose from. (It also offers a range of north Indian and Chinese cuisines)


So myself and 8 of my friends decided to have a lunching session at the restaurant.The restaurant was packed full,but the management tried their best and got a good table for us to dine. (Lunch time is one of their peak timings because of their biriyanis and Kerala oonne! so be prepared to wait 😉 )

Location and Ambience

The Paaykapal is located exactly were the ‘Madras tiffin centre’ used to be.It is on the road en route to Devasom board from Kawdiar. Adjacent to this restaurant,you can also find ‘The scoop station‘ which is an ice cream joint owned by the same management.The restaurant is quite spacious and well lit. The walls are draped in yellow and white with different sorts of graffiti and designs.They have even written #Vaayilkappalodum as wall art,translating to ‘drool’ which is also their motto/catch phrase.

The Food

Because of the lunch time, we had an option of either Biriyani or Kerala oonne(meals).But before moving on to the main course,we decided to try out some starters first. We tried the Beef fingers,The kozhi vada, the chicken samosa and Kappa and meen curry(fish gravy). The Beef fingers(5 pieces),the kozhi vada(2 pieces) and the Kappa were really good. Especially the beef fingers( I have had fish and chicken fingers,but never beef!!) WHICH WE ENDED UP ORDERING 4 PLATES!

The beef fingers ❤
Kozhi vada! Ever had them ?
Kappa !!!

Now moving on to the mains,we decided to order pothu(beef) biriyani,chicken biriyani, Veg biriyani,Kaada fry(quail), Koonthal ularthiyathe(squid) and Kozhi varatharacha curry(chicken).

The Biriyanis were delicious! Especially the beef biriyani,which was served in an earthen pot which had more than enough quantity for one.It was rich in flavour and was filled with yummy beef pieces ! The chicken biriyani,on the other hand wasn’t too extraordinary, but had a good blend of spices.

The Kaada fry and the squid were the best dishes I had from there (probably, even the best I have ever had). The squid was served in a small bowl,with moderate quantity, but that was more than compensated by its brilliant taste (Its always hard to pull off a tasty squid, so kudos to the chef for this!). Both the Kaada fry and the Koonthal ularthiyathe are must try dishes! Fascinated by both these dishes, I couldn’t even get a proper tasting of the chicken curry. So I cant comment about it xD

Pothe biriyani!
Kaada fry #must try
The Koonthal ularthiyathe #must try

A special mention to their vegetable stew which is nothing like the ordinary one.Its filled with vegetables especially cauliflower and the special ingredient, paneer, really breaks the taste barrier, delivering a strong punch of flavour! A TREAT FOR BOTH VEGETARIANS AND NON VEGETARIANS!

And finally to end the meal,we decided to order The filter kaapi and the watermelon cooler.The filter kaapi(coffee) was strong (The besant nagar beach breeze just brushed my face !!) but more milky than the usual filter coffees. And the watermelon cooler was basically a watermelon juice, but truthfully, I enjoyed both the drinks 😀



The paaykapal is a newbie in town, and is definitely delivering a strong impact on our palates and leaving the customers satisfied and happier than ever.Overall, I really enjoyed the food, and definitely keeping this as my option for good authentic non-veg in Trivandrum!

This fooding session definitely deserves a thefoodfella rating of 4.5/5

-Happy fooding guys 😀



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