How about a new veggie project in Chennai : The Food Project !

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Been planning to try out this place for quite a long time. Especially with the name “The food project”. I have been reading a lot of positive reviews and was curious to check out the place. So here goes!

Location and Ambience :

Located on the sterling road, Nungampakkam, situated in between the The bombay fries and the Westfield waffles, The Food Project is a small cozy eatery that offers quite a limited yet an amusing range of dishes. Its a small space with a seating of around 10-12 (around 4-5 tables). The walls are filled with funny food quotes and attractive lighting.Even though the place was quite small, it felt pretty simple and cozy .Maybe because it was a weekday evening, it wasnt too crowded when we visited the place. But overall, the TFP had a nice, cozy vibe to it.

*The TFP follows a self service policy. so dont expect a waiter to come over anytime soon 😅! *

The Food :

The menu is quite different. Take a few minutes to read the menu out.
(Vegetarian and simple)
We decided to go for :-

The Paneer Tikka Tartlet : 4 small bread tarts served with loads of Garlic paste, Cottage cheese and Tikka seasoning and paneer on top. It was a little small, probably a mouthfull each, but it tasted pretty good. Quite an apt starter.

The Marinara Paneer Breadizza : This was my favourite dish here. Its the concept of a bread pizza within a mug filled with veggies and pizza toppings on a bread base (A Bread-iZza !) The Marinara paneer was filled with paneer, cheese, onions and more cheese. It was very tasty and I would definitely recommend it.

The Exotic maggi pasta Mug : A mix of Maggi and Macoroni pasta in maggi masala and a little bit of white sauce. The dish was decent. But instead of bringing out the pasta, it just bought out a large flavour of the maggi. So basically “Maggi in a fancy Mug”

The Fox berry drink : Remember the Fox candy. well they made the Blackcurrent Fox candy into a drink. Nothing too great, but was quite a refreshing one.

The Crackling Chocolate sandwich :

“TFP signature dish”. Its a crispy sandwich filled with chocolate. And I dont mean just in the inside, EVERYWHERE! The inside is filled with chocolate sauce, the oustide with melted chocolate flakes and the entire plate seasoned with Chocolate flakes. I didn’t find it to taste anything different than expected , but its definitely a chocolate lover’s feast!

P.S : Dont forget to place the empty mugs in the ‘Waste mug section’ and to throw the used plates into the dustbin placed inside. (If any confusions, just follow the directions given there ! )

The Food Project is a place you should try when you want to try different and good vegetarian food for a very cheap cost. It is pocket friendly, offers fast service and also serves above average food.

Thefoodfella rating for The Food Project : 3.8/5

– Happy Fooding 😀

– Tff


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