The Gokarna Diaries – Part 1

After the intense exam stress, I decided that as soon as the exams were done, I needed a trip and what better destination than GOKARNA. Beautiful beaches, adventurous treks and a quiet town with temples at every nook and corner. Its a perfect blend of ‘A laid back chilling Destination’ and spirituality!

How I got there?

From Bangalore(Took a bus from Chennai to Bangalore) I took a night bus*VRL Travels*. Its almost a 12-13 hours journey. The road starts off good, but gets a little bumpy and rough towards Gokarna.

Day 1 :

+ Reached around 7:30 and took an auto to the Zostel which is a 10 min ride. (Rs 100-80)

+ As my check in was only at 12 PM, I chilled around the Zostel for a while. Had breakfast from the Mantra cafe, freshened up,Put all my luggage in the common room and decided to start my Trek towards Half Moon(Got too dark for Paradise) 😀 !

+The first beach was Kudle! It was a 1.2Km walk from Zostel. Beautiful and happening, and laden with shacks! Dont forget to try out the pizzerias there!

At Kudle Beach

+ The Second one was a 30min walk(Almost 3 kms and it was too hot)and hence had to take an auto there(Rs 70).The Om beach was more of a people beach, with tourists and locals alike. The Rocky beach had the shape of the symbol Om and hence the name . Jam Packed with many shacks and small beach stores( I got a Shiva tee from there 😁),Om gives us a wide variety for ambience and dining/Chill.

+ The next 2 were the Half moon beach and the Paradise beach. The half moon beach is quite a trek from om beach. Just 2kms, but will take around 15-20 mins to trek through.(The terrain is a bit rough and narrow with shrubs and small trees all around,so make sure to be careful,and also shoes/boots are preferred). But its worth the struggle! It is a Beautiful beach with still water and perfect solitude.I even ended up having a good swim😁. It has 2-3 shacks that serves good food and and a perfect ambience to just sit down and take a moment to appreciate everything around you.
(P.s : Even during the trek, take a minute or 2 to just stop and enjoy the ocean scenery.)

+ It had already become 5pm, and The sunset Kudle wasn’t to be missed. So I started my trek back. But unfortunelty I couldn’t reach Kudle by the time. But Nevertheless, the sunset was still an absolute beauty to watch from the rocky shores of Om ! ( Actually It was the better of the 2)

+ And finally, around 8:30,I got back to the Zostel! Exhausted but with a feeling of accomplishment, I checked in into my Dorm, Arranged up my luggage, Took a nice long Hot water bath and had a Desi Thali dinner from the Mantra cafe, right under the star lit night sky, while breathing in the ocean.

…... To read about Day 2, make sure to watch out for the second part !


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