About : The Food Fella


‘A medico by profession but a foodie by heart’.

It was at the age of 12 that I realized that food wasn’t just about filling my stomach for me. It was much more.Much much more.

That moment when you start picturing that dish on the menu, the smell of it,the beautiful sight of amazingly presented food,the excitement of cutting into that first peice, and finally, that happiness when the taste you have been imagining all this time hits you… Now that’s what I crave for! It all started the day my mother made that yummy honey glazed chicken back when I was in school. I have been on the lookout for good food that gives me the same feels ever since.

So this is a collection of some of the best dishes i have ever tasted (and yet so many left for me to taste.) It also includes some of my takes and comments on certain restaurants and eats along the way.

“Sometimes it’s just yummy food that keeps you going”

Happy fooding everyone 🙂



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