The Madras Kitchen Company

Have you ever hesitated trying out a 5- Star restaurant because you felt it was  overpriced ? Well then, Madras Kitchen Company has you covered.Welcoming you to good food and Good Ambience

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The “Dine out” at Chili’s!

Chili's American Grill & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Okay so before I start off with this one, I have to say I actually never imagined going to Chili’s to dine, becauee I always thought of Chili’s as one of those overrated, high priced restaurants (Maybe I wasnt too off point either). But I am actually quite happy that I gave the place a try 😀 And also would like to give a special thank you to zomato gold and The dine out app for helping us keep it economical!

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The Euro foodie series – There’s always a first.


Europe has always been one of my dream touring destinations,especially Italy and Switzerland. And Finally got a chance at it. A ten day tour covering the important sites in 6 different countries.(Yes,it was a package).But given the short time,it is always hard to get the best of the country’s experience . But nevertheless,i tried getting around and out and tried as many bites as i could. So this is the start of a short yet delightful Bon Viveur’s western European journey.

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Cereal killer Bistro – The review.

Back when I was in school(4th grade),The one thing that I did not look forward to in the morning was breakfast. Its not that I had any hate against it, But as a school kid, getting up to Idlis and Uppmave were not my ideal idea to start the day. Thats when my mother had a brilliant idea and started giving me Cereals and milk(Chocos,Flavoured corn flakes,even fruit loops and Muesli) And this is how my love for Morning cereals began. (Way more tastier 😉 )

Cereal Killer Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

When I got to know that a new place opened up in Anna nagar,Chennai, that serves Cereals(Thanks to Abbi) , I was really excited. And I made sure to visit it at least once before I went back home for vacations.(I Even made plans on what to order the previous day itself 😀 )

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Dine out at Amelie’s – Part 1

Amelies’ was definitely one of the “by chance” Restaurants I ended up trying.

After many changes of plans and many confusions on where to go eat, Ayush and I decided on Amelies’,near Mylapore in Chennai

The ambience over there is really nice. Wooden floors, lots of frames and doodles on the walls and they had a nice seating arrangement, kinda gave it a retro feel.

And the best part, when you enter, there’s a dessert counter on the left which has all these cakes, pastries, ice creams, and different other varieties of desserts.(Literally made me get buzzed for a minute).

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The love for JAR Desserts – Buttercup Bakehouse

Buttercup Bake House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Buttercup Bakehouse has been a spot in Trivandrum that I have been hearing about a lot and been wanting to try out their Jar desserts for quite sometime.

So I decided to check out the place during my post 2nd year exam holidays. I went over to the cafe with 2 of my friends Vivek and Balu. Buttercup Bakehouse is a new cafe that opened up in Sasthamangalam in Trivandrum. Its a small cozy little place which serves different varieties of pizzas, sandwiches to pies and milkshakes. But the highlight of the place is their pressed juices and Jar Desserts.

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