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Love to dine with a Royal In-House Ambience ? Well Hamsa is just the place! I had heard about this place a few months back from a friend. The lovely ambience with a variety of tasty vegetarian dishes (rates on the higher side, I must say) was a very popular opinion! I just had to try this place out. So myself, along with some of my foodie buddies decided to give this place a go!



Location and Ambience :

Hamsa is located on the Gandhi nagar road, Adyar. The Entrance to the restaurant is via the ground floor that takes you to the Restaurant through a lift. The first thing you notice is the beautiful, cozy and lavish wall arts and decor! Tables are provided with chairs and sofas, and decorated with silver cutlery. The entire restaurant has a dim lighting that goes pleasantly with the surroundings. People visiting in a group are recommend to book as the place is relatively small but madly popular and hence gets easily crowded. Overall, Hamsa presents a brilliant ambience and a special Kudos to the designer!

The service is friendly, kind and humble.They do take a few extra minutes to serve, but they make sure to explain their dishes well and suggest the best among the choices.

The Food :

Even before ordering, the first thing you notice is the crown-like silverware present on your table. Open it and voila! There’s sits a complimentary (and yummy ) Gulab jamun as a welcome waiting for you! ( Such a “Sweet” welcome xD)

We decided to start off with the soups and starters! (Make sure to notice the creative names)

The soups,We tried the Tomato Shorba, Narangi and pumpkin Shorba and Green peas Shorba out of which the Narangi and Pumpkin Shorba was very different and tasty!

Tomato Shorba, The pumpkin and Naarangi Shorba and the Green peas Shorba

For starters, we tried The Vazhalaipoo fritters, Paneer saunfya,Baby corn milagu pirratal , Cheese kurkure and Bharwan dingri kebab! Apart from the Vazhalaipoo fritters(which tasted very similar to normal fries!!) and the cheese kurkure, all the other starters were delicious! especially the paneer and the kebab!

Now moving on to the main course!

We ordered a Paneer Gulmarg(which was amazing!!!), Gobi Dum Mussalam , Bhagarwaj Subzi,Dal Makhanni(most mainstream out of all the curries) and Kofta Brindavan! I was a bit confused on identifying which was which!And also got confused between them, but I can tell you truthfully that all the dishes were delicious!( Personally i never realised vegetarian dishes could be made this good with such varieties! ) To go along with the curries, we also ordered some breads : The cheese and olive Naan, Paneer kulcha, Garlic Naan and Butter naan! (Make sure to get the Cheese and Olive naan onto your to-eat list!)




Now moving onto the best part, The beverages and the desserts ❤ !

They have quite a distinct variety of drinks and desserts!

To drink I would recommend trying the Thandai( which is chill spicy milk with almonds) , The Panagam (Its a mixture of ginger and tamarind!It was a different blend of flavours, so I don’t expect everyone to enjoy it) and the Panchamirtham(Sweet,very sweet!I could make out the taste of Banana,vanilla,dates and cardamom!)


For dessert, we tried :-

The Gulab Jamun Brulee : A truly amazing dessert! It an infused creamy custard along with Gulab jamun and burnt sugar on top. (Must try)

Gulab Jamun Brulee

Shahi Tukda : Fried bread topped with reduced milk(milkmaid) and garnished nuts! The dessert was simple but tasted good!

Shahi Tukda

Anjeer aur Adrak ka halwa(Fig and ginger Halwa) : It was too sweet and thick for my liking… I couldn’t even have more than a spoonful of it.


Lychee aur Thande naariyal ka kheer : Kheer is a main dessert all around kerala! Be it a major festival or even a small greeting,kheer is always served! But i have never even imagined such combination! Lychee and coconut! and It was such a beautiful combination! (Must try )


South Indian Filter coffee and Rose petal flavoured Ice creams : I actually expected it to be the coffee and rose milk flavour, But trust me,it isn’t, especially the filter coffee flavour! All coffee lover – make sure to give this one a try!

Filter kappi and rose-petal flavoured ice creams

Hamsa has quite a lot to offer! And it is not only the vast variety of Vegetarian dishes, but also the beautiful ambience and tasteful decors!

And Hamsa made me believe that Vegetarian food can also be exciting and surprising!

Overall Hamsa is a brilliant experience! With good service,good food and good Ambience! And a special mention to the lovely desserts!

TheFoodFella rating : 4.5/5 !

Happy Fooding 😀



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