The Thattu Idli kada.

Tamil Nadu has always been famous for its Dosas and idlis. Be it an early morning Onion Uttapam for breakfast or a Masala dosa for dinner, they make sure that they always serve it hot and tasty. But how about trying out the same from a Banglore based shop? And that’s how we found out the “Vaishnavaa’s Banglore special Thattu Idli and chat shop“.

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Eurofoodie series – Belgian Waffles

What’s a Belgium trip without trying their authentic handmade chocolates and trying out their famous waffles. So upon recommendation from Devi, I decided to try out this waffle place near the ‘piqmanneqin’ (which is the small statue of a child peeing into a fountain, which has quite a funny history to it) during our tour stop in Brussels called ________. It’s basically a ‘make it yourself’ waffle store.(The entire city is filled with them). You start by selecting the kind of waffle you want as base(normal,Belgian or wafflecone) and then you start filling them with toppings which range from Nutella, whipped cream, sauces, different types of ice creams to nuts, fruits,crumbs etc.So my mom, dad and I decided to get 2. For the first one, we decided to go with the Belgian waffle topped with Nutella, strawberries and mokka(coffee) ice cream. And the second one was a normal waffle with strawberries and kiwi with chocolate sauce. The waffles were really good. Probably one of the best I have ever had. Especially the 1st one. Not just because it had Nutella, but the waffle got soggy from the ice cream and that just made it taste better along with the strawberries and Nutella.

The 2nd one was maybe a bit too fruity for me, and the waffle crust was harder, but I still did enjoy it (My parents seemed to enjoy it better though).
It’s not everyday that you get to enjoy Belgium Waffles right from the busy streets of Brussels. It definitely was one hell of an experience !!

Foodie achievement unlocked 🙂

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Happy Fooding guys 😀


The Euro foodie series – There’s always a first.


Europe has always been one of my dream touring destinations,especially Italy and Switzerland. And Finally got a chance at it. A ten day tour covering the important sites in 6 different countries.(Yes,it was a package).But given the short time,it is always hard to get the best of the country’s experience . But nevertheless,i tried getting around and out and tried as many bites as i could. So this is the start of a short yet delightful Bon Viveur’s western European journey.

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Wooden Fired Oven Pizzas at Siji’s

Ranging from the simplest Margherita(in the honour of the queen) to the meatiest of all,the beef pepperoni and cheese ,I have always been a sucker for pizzas.Be it veg or non-veg,I have always enjoyed a Good well cooked pizza. Especially a Thin crust one.(Its not too heavy,Tastes better  and makes the crust tastier too).

I have been hearing about this new place that opened up for quite a while now. A lot of people like Ashi and Rohan have been recommending this place for quite sometime now. And apparently they have the best pizzas in town.So definitely had to give it a try.

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Cereal killer Bistro – The review.

Back when I was in school(4th grade),The one thing that I did not look forward to in the morning was breakfast. Its not that I had any hate against it, But as a school kid, getting up to Idlis and Uppmave were not my ideal idea to start the day. Thats when my mother had a brilliant idea and started giving me Cereals and milk(Chocos,Flavoured corn flakes,even fruit loops and Muesli) And this is how my love for Morning cereals began. (Way more tastier 😉 )

Cereal Killer Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

When I got to know that a new place opened up in Anna nagar,Chennai, that serves Cereals(Thanks to Abbi) , I was really excited. And I made sure to visit it at least once before I went back home for vacations.(I Even made plans on what to order the previous day itself 😀 )

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The Foodie’s Diary in Hyderabad : Day 2

DAY 2 was definitely the best fooding day out of all the days, without a doubt.
The morning, yet again started out with Idli, Vada, Sambar and the ‘Kaaram podi'(which I was really looking forward to) but in addition there was pongal that was served too.

The lunch,on the other hand,was a grand event. It was similar to a sadhya, but with different dishes and curries. All of us sat together and all the dishes were served on a banana leaf. The highlights of the sadhya were mainly the many unnamed sweet curries and the Manchurian that were really good. Along with the curries, they even served the purnam booda’(which I ended up having 2).They even served thairevada(Vada in curd) along with the sadhya.
But nothing could beat the Rasamali .As they say, keeping the best for last, the Rasamali was one of the best I have ever had. It was the right amount of sweet and chewy.It was so good, that all of us ended up having a minimum of 3 each(Sajan almost ended up having his 5th 😂). Continue reading “The Foodie’s Diary in Hyderabad : Day 2”

CSK vs KKR match and a dinner for 2 at Sector 99!

Sector 99 - Foodbar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

So this time, for a change I decided to go for a Vegetarian restaurant. Meera and I searched for a few options and decided to go for this new place that opened up in Kilpauk, Chennai called Sector 99. The place had a really nice ambience and a small but cozy feel to it. When we went, there was a kid’s birthday party going on. So it was filled with kids screaming and balloons and a lot of picture taking. Loud but wasn’t the kind that disturbs you. And the best part. They were screening the CSK vs the KKR on screen there. So being a hardcore CSK fan, I was all set for a good match 😁✌️.

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